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Tuesday, January 16th 2018

There's a lot of TV 'd love to watch, but alas - down time is very difficult to come by nowadays.

The Magicians has just started season two, and Star Trek: Discovery is back from its holiday break. Magicians has always been a lower-tier show for me. Fun, but not one I'm dying to see as soon as an episode comes out. And Star Trek: Discovery, as much as I want to like it, has become an iffy proposition. While it's not as terrible as Enterprise was, I'm now beginning to question whether we should continue watching.

We've also started going through old Trek: Next Generation episodes with our ten-year-old, who seemed to enjoy the Encounter at Farpoint, although The Naked Now was less enjoyed. (I feel strange, but also good!) I'm not looking forward to trudging through seasons one and two before getting to the good stuff, but it's fun to go back to these oldie-but-goodies.

To add to all this, Altered Carbon will be out soon, and when that drops, you can forget all these other shows. I absolutely loved the book - it's one of my favorites. I only hope that the TV series is half as good.My backlog includes a good half-dozen shows that I intend to eventually get back to and watch.

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