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Wednesday, August 31st 2005

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Well, I just found out today that August 31st is . Apparently, the idea that August 31st should be Blog Day was born out of the fact that "3108" looks similar to "blog". For blog day, bloggers are asked to link to five blogs that are distinctly different from their own, in the interest of promoting traffic. Thus I won't be linking to any of the blogs I'd include if I had a blogroll.

Baheyya is an Egyptian blogger whose rants have gained quite a following in her country. Since the media seems to be state-owned or party-affiliated in Egypt, this mode of free speech is incredibly important.

Everything Comes Together at 2 A.M. is a "scratch fiction" weblog, full of interesting writing tidbits.

The Hobbesian Conservative is a blog I've visited once or twice after stumbling across it when the author mentioned The Tick. He's a conservative, which I'm not, and he's a gamer, which I am. I've hit some fairly good material on the site. Worth a look.

You may already have heard of Crooks And Liars - it's fairly popular. I found it due to the great video clips available, mostly news clips.

Lastly, I've got to include Copy, Right?, which is probably my current favorite mp3 blog. They specialize in covers, which are often bizarre but sometimes surprisingly well-done.

And there we go. There's my five, located hastily and posted without fanfare.

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Comment Saturday, September 3rd 2005 by monkey0
thanks for the link! it's good to know that my work appeals to someone other than just other writers.
-Daniel (aka monkey 0)
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