Facial Recognition: Which Celebrity do you Resemble?

Monday, April 10th 2006


This past weekend, Linda and I were watching VH1's Best Week Ever, which is consistently funny, and we saw a segment about a website which uses facial recognition technology to tell you which celebrities you resemble. So we gave it a try.

Apparently, I look like the kid who had sex with a pie, and my wife looks like Christina Ricci. I'm not sure I see the resemblance, but they were all only 65%-70% matches. I'll take it. Especially since when I used different pictures it told us that Linda and I resembled the Olsen twins.

If you feel like giving this site a try, and posting in the comments, I'd love to hear which celebrities other people I know look like. Just don't expect accurate results.

Linda's always been told that she looks like Madonna. And I'd always been told that I looked like Bob Saget...

Comments on Facial Recognition: Which Celebrity do you Resemble?
Comment Tuesday, April 11th 2006 by Magus2
It took awhile to find decent matches. Not perfect matches, but an amusing site. Thanks for the link.

John and Julia Nelson

John Nelson
Game Master Audio Program
Comment Tuesday, April 11th 2006 by Greg
John - fixed your link. I strip HTML out of the comments when people post - you'd be surprised how much junk I get in these comments if they're unfiltered.
Comment Tuesday, April 11th 2006 by pmd

... I don't mind looking like Ethan Hawke, but I don't think I look anything like him either.
Comment Wednesday, April 12th 2006 by pmd

Besides Beavis, this guy looks like...

Chris Tucker
Carlos Menem
Rudy Giuliani
Wolfgang Schussel
'Ted' Theodore Kaczynski
Yehudi Menuhin
Alexander Popov
Christian Bale
Jay Chou
Pim Fortuyn

The software had the chin in the wrong place, so I had to re-crop the image.
Comment Thursday, April 13th 2006 by Brandon
Majic Johnson. Which is funny, because I'm white. Second choice was Forrest Whitaker.
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