Best Movie Stunts Ever

Wednesday, May 3rd 2006

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By no means have I done any kind of exhaustive analysis of movie stunts, how dangerous they were, or anything else. This is just a list of the five movie stunts that I could come up with that impress me the most.

Sky Movies did a poll of movie industry folks a few years back to come up with a similar top ten list, but the difference between them and me: they actually knew what they were talking about. I, on the other hand, do not.

Greg's Top Five Movie Stunts

So if you've got any favorite movie stunts, throw down a comment. I'm interested to hear.

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Comment Wednesday, May 3rd 2006 by tagger
Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942)

Johnny Weissmuller dives 200 feet off the Brooklyn Bridge.

FYI-there seems to be some dispute about this. Some say it was a weighted dummy. The article I read in Life magazine back in the early '60s said it was a real 200 foot dive. If true, great stunt.

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