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Thursday, June 22nd 2006


I was just thinking, in a steam of consciousness kind of way, about the ideas for some of these games that have come out recently. Ford versus Chevy? MTV Celebrity Deathmatch? The Apprentice? There are some bad bad games out there. If these are the ideas being pumped out by some game studios, maybe they'll read my blog and consider my suggestions.

I've got many more ideas, but those are my top five. If you're a game design lead and you like my ideas, email me and we can discuss my other ideas, such as Ozzy's Rescue Rangers, featuring the likeness of Ozzy Ozbourne, and Twiggy's Quest, a spinoff from the old Buck Rogers show. Also, I can't believe that the IP for Gigli has gone this long without being snapped up for a game. And I'm dying to see a second-person shooter.

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Comment Thursday, June 22nd 2006 by pmd
City of Heroes is pretty much already City of Wrasslers. Party combat is explosive but quickly becomes old. They have a decent super power customization system, but the missions are cookie cutter.

Window Washer... reminds me of a really old game called Crazy Painter. I like your version better.

Rex Luger... You might have something there.

Murder Simulator... You might be talking about Hitman. They've just released a new one a few weeks ago. One of the guys the Hitman can kill looks a lot like Snoop Dog. I figured it would be clever... it was anything but. Not really worth it.

Bear Hunter... There's a series of games called Deer Avenger. They parody the Deer Hunter series. I've never played it, but it looks pretty silly.

Comment Thursday, June 22nd 2006 by pmd
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