These Are My People

Thursday, September 18th 2008


Listening recently to MC Frontalot's demo track A Skit About Vocations, wherein there occurs a collision of two personalities both of whom I admire, but whom I've never seen together, I came to a realization. I'm part of a community. It's largely an online community, national if not global. But it is indeed a community, and I feel a definite sense of belonging. It's a community of bloggers, gamers, and podcasters, of sci-fi and comics aficionados and of content creators. We are America's otaku. A surprising number of us are QA Testers if not programmers. Many of us grew up in the eighties are now new parents. We are connected by a near-endless series of in-jokes that those outside our circle will never understand, and we delight in referencing these jokes in the most obscure manners possible, secure in the knowledge that our more clever fellows will get the joke. We laughed together at Wil Wheaton's keynote address at PAX 2007. We cried together at the end of Half-Life 2, Episode 2. We listened together when Jonathan Coulton released CodeMonkey, and we mourned together when Joe Murphy passed away.

I first learned about these types of nebulous small, yet widespread communities when I started attending national Lindy Hop events like ALHC and SONH. The Lindy Hoppers are a very small community - just a few hundred people - spread out over the whole country, who would congregate for these events. So I knew people from Chicago, from Miami, from San Fransisco, whom I'd never have otherwise known. I'd see them frequently enough to call them friends.

The online community is a bit different in that many more have never met, and in that it's far larger. Events like PAX, DragonCon, and ComicCon are still relatively new and relatively few, and not a lot of people have the funds to travel across the country for such events. But the Internet connects us, and enables us to remain a community despite our physical distance. Maybe at PAX 2010 I'll get a chance to meet Brandon, Kris, or Josh.

Since I left Connecticut, I've fallen out of touch with a lot of my best friends there. I keep in touch with them, and I've met some very cool people in Colorado, but a lot of the people with whom I chat from day to day are people I've met online, and never met face-to-face. We're joined by the common interests and common experiences that make us all geeks. These are my people.

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Comment Monday, September 22nd 2008 by Keith
My people, would like to inform your people that this person still considers you a freind. Even though we barely talk. I would like to chat sometime out side of blogging... Would like to hear your take on Charle Jade and True Blood, since you posted your intrest, but have not re-commented on such shows.

Your intrest in complaining that Sci Fi creatures and how they should be diffrent I would like your oppinion on some creatures I have created. And if you would like, I would gladly feature your Creature ideas in the sci fi story I am working on. Gladly I would send you that stuff.

Since the first day we met I have always valued your oppinons and values. Good people and good freindships that took years of bonding time should never be thrown away with a simple hand gesture.

My people would like your people to consider adding a spell checker to this BLOG

For people like me.

Always your freind,

Abernathy. Bambitheon, and the rest of My people.

Comment Monday, September 22nd 2008 by pmd
My people would like you to download Firefox Keith since it has built in spell checker.
Comment Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 by The Dock
Yellow Horror Slurpee!!!

It didn't come from just got hit by fire!!....

Stop playing with that skeleton and find something useful!!....

I have been doing some thinking... and I really want this guy dead!!!....

Ok... so I punch the snail in the head and let the head hit the guy...thats my attack.
Comment Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 by My people
My people found that yellow horror slurpies were created by shelby in anathama Forrest. And can only be killed by pink snowballs and falling fire places. Don't forget to wear that Metal pot on ones head, incase of falling bricks, especially the third one over and the fifth one up. I GOT MY HELMET ON and NOthing can do me Wrong.

Reply sent from PEOPLES BANK.
Comment Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 by Greg
My good old insane CT friends, quoting old D+D games.

(staring at horrible mutilated body)
"Hey guys. Let's make it look like we didn't do it..."
Comment Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 by Keith
Lets go back to blackthorns castle, since he is not there at the moment... since he is out looking for us?

'HEY GUYS< Lets get back to reality."

(I know Greg hated it when I say it while playing D&D.)

My people thank PMD's people, who are sure that Greg's, people are thankful that I have a spell checker for Greg's Blog.

Comment Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 by Frank
This is really why you wear the "All your base" t-shirt to work, to weed out the n00bs from the geeks. I'd say the results have been pretty conclusive.
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