Medical Marijuana

Tuesday, November 30th 2004


Browsing a few random blogs, I happened across this, perhaps the best argument I've ever seen for the medical usage of marijuana, due largely to the up-close perspective. Worth a read.

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Comment Wednesday, December 1st 2004 by tagger
OK . . . sue me . . . I'm from the sixties. If alcohol is legal, then pot ought to be legal as well.

Think of all the tax they could collect. As more and more people quit smoking, you can bet that state and federal bean counters are looking to steal (plain English for what tax collectors do) the shortfall from everyone else.
Comment Wednesday, December 15th 2004 by CunningLinguist
Right on, thanks for linking my post on your site. Much appreciated! =)
Comment Thursday, December 16th 2004 by Greg
No need for thanks - it was a good article, and it deserved reference. Plus, I'm moving to Colorado in one week.
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