Invisibility Cloak Patented

Friday, January 27th 2006

invisibility cloakWell, I wrote about it before when inventors in Tokyo were working on it, but it looks now like the invisibility cloak has been patented by a Russian inventor.

A professor from chair of quantum and optical electronics of the Ulyanovsk State University in western Russia has patented a method of making things invisible, Interfax news agency reported.

The so-called invisibility cloak, created by Oleg Gadomsky, is called "The method of conversion of optical radiation" in the patent.

Gadomsky had been long experimenting on nanoparticles of gold. Thus, he invented a sub-micron stratum of microscopical colloid golden particles that makes an object placed behind it invisible for an observer.

Only static objects can be made invisible for the time present, as during motion a radiation frequency changes. But soon it will be possible to create a cap of darkness and a magic cloak of Harry Potter, the scientist believes.
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