Children of The Gods

Tuesday, February 21st 2006

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This is another podcast/podiobook that I stumbled across after hearing about it on Slice of SciFi. It's the story of the three colonies of humanity, living in the 26th century, fighting off alien invaders. It appears to be loosely based on the movie Independance Day, or perhaps on Footfall, which as I understand is the book on which Independance Day was based.

The first episode gives a backstory, from the aliens' initial invasion at the end of the 20th Century all the way up to the story's present day. Humankind screwed up the Earth and was forced to move into space inside a huge spacestation. Humanity then moved to the moon and mars, and these are the three colonies that exist. But then, after nearly 500 years, the alien invaders return, and this is the crux of the story.

The story is written by one man, but recorded by voice actors all over the world who email their recordings in for mixing. It's a very innovative method, and the results are impressive. Granted, there's one voice actor whose bad acting drives me nuts, but I can overlook that for the quality of the rest of the story. The one big space battle that's happened so far has had me glued to my seat as much as any movie ever has. The background music and sound effects really add to the story's immersion.

As I understand it, they're releasing new episodes at the rate of about one per month, and there are currently three completed episodes. This story is so good it makes me want to do some writing on my own. You can learn more about it and download the episodes from

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Comment Friday, February 24th 2006 by CMack
Great article, and I don't just mean that as CotG's creator and producer.

As a matter of fact, I'd like to ask your permission to use an excerpt from your article on our main site page, as well as link back to this blog.

Thanks for listening, and we look forward to keeping you glued to your seat!

- Author, Children of the Gods
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