Crazy Day

Thursday, March 29th 2007


What a day. If you've been reading my site for any length of time, you may remember the crazy story of the chaircrapper. Today, another crazy one.

Today just after lunch, the girls at the front desk looked out into the parking lot and noticed someone messing around in a jeep that belongs to Michelle, one of the girls who works here up on the ground floor. They quickly assumed that it was her husband, and offhandedly wondered what he was doing. Soon, Michelle's brother Reuben, who also works here, went out to check. He found a woman in the car, using a magnet to get into the glove compartment. I didn't know you could do that.

The woman claimed it was her jeep, which it obviously wasn't. Turns out she had a friend who'd called her and told her that her husband's jeep was parked in our lot. I can only assume he had the same model, and that she hadn't bothered to check the license plate.

Around this time is when Michelle just happened to come back from lunch and see her brother Reuben talking to someone in her jeep. To my understanding, the crazy woman then decided that her husband and Michelle were having an affair.

It was around this time that Jim came out. Jim is the building manager, and an ex-marine. While he's no longer 20 years old, he's certainly in better shape than I am. This is, I think, when the crazy lady tried to get in her truck and leave. Jim blocked her, knowing that the police had been called, and she tried to run him over. Twice.

At some point, she got out of her truck and started hitting Jim. So he reached into the truck and took her keys. Sometime shortly after this is when word reached me in the basement of this story, and the fact that the woman was being detained until the police arrived.

I know I'm still missing a lot of the details, so if you want a more up-close take on the story, check out Michelle's website. She has now written it up.

So now I'm sitting at home typing this up. I wanted to go running tonight, but it's snowing here now. I wanted to go yesterday, but I had a haircut scheduled. I wanted to go the day before that, but I was sick. Oh well - maybe tomorrow.

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Comment Thursday, March 29th 2007 by pmd
Here is the moon phase calendar that I use at work (see links by year). I think you will find it most helpful.

Notice that it is accurate to within a day... A necessity when behavioral health providers call you with their problems.

Geico Caveman at the Therapist

Comment Friday, March 30th 2007 by Brandon
Couldn't exercise because of a previously scheduled haircut? Damn, that's a level of exercise avoidance rivaled only by my own.
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