Best Web Music Videos

Wednesday, September 29th 2010

There are a number of really really good music videos that exist primarily online. I'd been thinking of a number of my favorites and thought I'd share.

I'd like to include Sabotage or Abra Cadabra, which were great videos, but they were of the MTV era.

Sweep the Leg by No More Kings is a song I've written about before. The song is good, and it's the reason I bought the album, but the music video is outstanding. It's got a long intro which is fun primarily because they got most of the cast of The Karate Kid to star in the video. And it looks like they had a ton of fun making the video. Check it out.

Ok Go has had a ton of amazing music videos on YouTube. They started with A Million Ways and made their second appearance in Here It Goes Again, but to me their most amazing video was the second version of This Too Shall Pass and its amazing Rube Goldberg machine.

Lastly, the greatest and best song in the world. Tribute. They've disabled embedding, but you need to follow that link. Do it.

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