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Tuesday, March 7th 2006


I've written before about upcoming movies and upcoming books, and I'd like to continue that trend here.

Last night, during a fantastic two-hour episode of 24, (which seriously pissed Linda off) we caught a sampling of the trailer for the new (and final) X-Men movie. Looks pretty good. Casting Kelsey Grammer as Beast may seem like a miscast, but the more I think about it, the more it's perfect. If they can make him move right without having it look too much like CG, I will be happy. Other really good movies coming out in May include The Da Vinci Code and Poseidon. Poseidon is, of course, a remake of that great film The Poseidon Adventure. Looks like they've got a good cast in this remake, so I hope that the film lives up to my expectations. I plan to watch the film in IMax, since that option is available.

Clerks 2 is coming out in August, and it looks like Dante has moved on, and instead of working at a Quik Stop, he's now employed at Mooby's, peddling fast food. I only hope that Kevin Smith hasn't gone too Hollywood to recreate the indy feel of the original Clerks. I want vulgarity. I want elaborate lines delivered in a manner in which nobody would actually ever speak in real life. I want intricate debates about silly little things like subcontractors on the Death Star. I want irreverance.

Most of my favorite TV shows are already on, but the season finale of Battlestar Galactica is this Friday, and from what I hear, it should be a doozie. I'm also very excited for the third season of The 4400, which is supposed to be back on this summer. Lastly, I've just heard about a show called Warehouse 13, which sounds like it's got some potential. It's a warehouse in which artifacts with supernatural natures are stored. Imagine the warehouse shown at the very end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'll bet that's where the inspiration for this show came from. Anyway, it's supposed to be done by Ron Moore, who produces Battlestar Galactica, and the concept definately has some potential.

For video games, I'm looking forward to the same things I've been awaiting for many moons. Half-Life 2: Aftermath has been retitled Half-Life 2: Episode 1 now that they've decided to make the game episodic. Its release date is in late April, and I can't wait for that one. Starcraft: Ghost is one of the two games for which I bought a PS2, and it still isn't out yet. Hopefully, they're just working out bugs. I'd rather have a late release than a buggy game. That's something I learned with Temple of Elemental Evil. The other game for which I bought the PS2 is Resident Evil 4, and I still haven't bought that one yet. I feel like I need to finish Resident Evil: Code Veronica X first, and I haven't played that one in about a month - every time I get a chance to turn on the PS2, I'm playing God of War.

Lastly, I'm looking forward to buying a DS Lite. I've got two GBA games I'm very into right now, and I can continue playing them on the backwards-compatible DS while trying out all the cool new DS features and games. This actually makes me glad I never spent the money on the original DS.

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Comment Thursday, March 9th 2006 by Ryan
Did you read the news about Battlestar Galactica....what I read said the new season (3) starts shooting in April and won't air until October. There is even a rumor that NBC might move BS to NBC vs SciFi.

As long as they don't pull a Farscape on me.....
Comment Thursday, March 9th 2006 by greg
Yep - that's exactly what I heard. October, and possibly NBC.
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